We are a part of the world which is changing faster than ever. We have witnessed the passing of last 15 years which has completely changed the world as we understand. Technology and products and the way we have interact with them has undergone a paradigm shift. Still there is a larger part of human population which has been left untouched with this advancement. The major responsibility of the corporations and government worldwide is to spread the good design, technology in order to bring the world together and diminish the digital divide.

We want to be part of the initiative which will change the way we live and interact.


Our vision is to be a design house which designs and engineers products which provide simplicity to their users by performing the most sophisticated tasks underneath.

To be the one who will shape and define the future of the products.

To be the one who will change the way people perceive of the products.

To be the one who will change the way people interact with the products.


Our mission serves as the framework for achieving our vision.

  • To be in the list of top 50 design houses
  • Create at least 2 products every year which will bring a difference in the lives of the people left untouched due to digital divide
  • Create at least 1 product every year which will help reducing the carbon footprint
  • Create at least one OPEN design which can be adopted and used by masses
  • Create an eco-system by bringing partners who share our vision, mission and values.

Our values will help us achieve our mission and hence the vision. We believe that any fresh idea or a new design cannot be envisaged with corrupt minds.

Unless the organisation decides to adopt and adhere to core values, the values can’t be percolated to its own people and its partners.

Our values serve as a guide to our actions and describe how we interact with our customers and our partners.

  • Leadership
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Open mind
  • Humility