12 years of journey so far


Started as iEmbed Technologies from residence, we found ourselves lucky when we received the order from Mechelonic Welders, a premier supplier of welding instruments worldwide.


Soon we graduated to catering international customer upon receiving the next design order from one of the biggest utility metering company. Our primary area of focus turned into industrial instrumentation, lean and mean product design. Designing wireless products for the industries.


Since then we have been serving customers across the globe, cutting across the industry verticals. Started our offering the services to Medical and Automotive Sectors.


Designed world’s smallest active RF-ID tag.


First Indian company to design and manufacturing ARM based SODIMM computing module, which was mostly exported and used in environmental and agricultural systems worldwide.

Implantaire UK was formed.


Signed agreement with Fingerprint Cards AB to be their distributors in India


Partnered with Ricco Associates Limited


Started with in-house IoT Lab


We take pride in ourselves as the solutions advisor for the problems/issues faced by large organisations, at the same time we have assisted small organisations and individuals coming up with their new products and turning their ideas into successful products.

Be it energy, transportation or healthcare, our solutions are currently sold as products or implemented as services across the globe.